Our Mission

Please see http://iliqchuan.com for information about Chin Family I Liq Chuan regional classes, instructional materials and more!

Some of the purposes of the organization are:
A) To establish, develop, sponsor, promote, and conduct educational programs in the art of I Liq Chuan—an internal martial and Chi Kung system that promotes mental and physical well being. “I Liq Chuan” translates from the Chinese as “mental physical art”. A practitioner of I Liq Chuan seeks to achieve self-discipline, self-recognition and self-realization through a series of physical and mental exercises that utilize Taoist principles and Zen concepts;

B) To establish, develop, sponsor, promote and conduct an informational exchange providing all interested persons with the details of seminars, workshops and classes in I Liq Chuan offered throughout the world;
C) To establish, develop, sponsor, promote and conduct educational programs to train teachers in the art of I Liq Chuan;
D) To lease or own instructional space, if necessary;
E) To provide a means of communication with other organized groups with similar interests in order to advance the art of I Liq Chuan and to promote goodwill and understanding with such groups.
F) Annual Meeting 1PM first Saturday of June at 133 Pleasant View Rd., Pleasant Valley NY. 

Click on this link to download a PDF membership application.

This is ONLY for individuals, who both a) reside in the the State of New York and b) wish join the board of the I-Liq Chuan Association Ltd of New York, 501 (c)(3). Individuals who are interested in classes or in joining the CFILC as student members should NOT use this application but should go to http://iliqchuan.com for more information.